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SnapHelp Qualified Experts on Demand

SnapHelp Qualified Experts On Demand

Marketing Your Skills

As a provider, you can list multiple skills or services that you want to provide as a qualified expert through SnappHelp.  Once your skills are entered, you are instantly notified of anyone looking for your skills within the specified search radius. Looking to grow your own business?  Enter your business profile and start finding new projects and opportunities today.  Worried about privacy?  No problem! SnappHelp provides a secure method of communication that hides and protects your private information. Download our mobile application today and get started using SnappHelp.
  • Free for both service providers and service requesters

  • No Middleman – communicate directly with the requestor
  • Strong Privacy – users have the ability to delete their entire communication from the device of any other user they have been communicating with
  • Lower barrier to entry – Lowers the barrier to entry for qualified experts and service providers to market their services

  • Targeted Prospects – Target prospects based on your skills and geographic reach

Find Skills

Service requests are instantly delivered to qualified experts and local contractors with the appropriate skills.  Local contractors and experts respond directly through SnappHelp saving time and effort for both the requester and the provider.  Search requests may be sent out locally or nationally based on the skills.  Get projects done with SnappHelp.
  • Free for both a provider and a service requester

  • No Middleman – communicate directly with the requester

  • Strong Privacy – users have the ability to delete their entire communication from the device of any other user they have been communicating with
  • Global Search – locate skills in a specific geographic territory, or nationally, based on the skill type

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Current Project Requests

Website Development
Piano Lessons
Divorce Attorney
Graphics Design
Basement Remodeling

Skills For ANY Project

SnappHelp is the ultimate communications platform that matches qualified experts and skills with jobs and projects. The service is free and the opportunities are endless.

How It Works

Find Qualified Experts Instantly

Users looking for services select the search radius and skills, and instantly they are in touch with providers meeting the search criteria. Need resources within a 5 mile radius? No problem. Simply limit the search within a specific search radius and find professionals in that area.

SnappHelp is a fully integrated communications platform allowing users to communicate directly through the application without revealing personal information. The result: a secure and private platform that matches qualified skills with jobs and projects. Find IT skills such as cyber-security, web development, or graphics design, to in-home services such as voice lessons, piano lessons, tutoring, or babysitting. Have a home project such as basement remodeling, kitchen remodeling, plumber or plumbing needs, or even a roof repair? Use SnapHelp to quickly find and hire the resources you need.

Signup is as easy as entering your name, a user id & password, and any skills you would like to market.

The service is FREE and NO MIDDLEMAN to go through! Once a profile is set up, begin receiving notifications of open and new service requests in your area. No pesky ads, no e-mails, or shoving services that you don’t need. Get started today and start realizing the benefits of SnappHelp.